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  • Step Istanbul 2019

    Step Istanbul: Get One Step Closer To The World Of Art Starting off with the motto “Art should be a part of everyone’s life. Step Istanbul, which will be held for the first time on April 25-28, will transform Tomtom Kırmızı (Red) into an art neighborhood in spring, while presenting its guests the works of

  • ARTANKARA International Contemporary Art Fair 2019

    ARTANKARA 5th International Contemporary Art Fair is held at ATO Congresium. Works of Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video and Digital Art, Installations and many other forms of artistic expression, the result of a careful selection by the Selection Committee, will be presented at the fair. ARTANKARA along with gathering a significantly enhanced list of emerging and

  • Scope International Contemporary Art Show New York 2019

    The 19th edition of SCOPE New York returns to its Chelsea location at Metropolitan Pavilion. Known for presenting groundbreaking contemporary work, SCOPE New York will welcome 60 international exhibitors at its centrally-located venue. In addition, SCOPE will continue its legacy of critically-acclaimed VIP Programming with strategic partnerships, a focused schedule of events, and talks. The

  • Buyuk Efes Sanat  2019

    Constantinos Valaes participates at Buyuk Efes Sanat under the auspices of Gallery Binyil. Izmir, Turkey, 22-24 February 2019

  • Valaes @ Kapopoulos Fine Arts

    Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair 2018

    The 3rd Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair, held  in Pavilions 9 and 10 of Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre. Constantinos Valaes participates at the Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair under the auspices of Gallery Binyil. Thessaloniki, Greece, 20-25 November 2018 For more information about the exhibition please click here.     

  • Ladies Run 2018

    OI NΙΚΗΤΡΙΕΣ στον φιλανθρωπικό αγώνα που θα γίνει στις 21/10 στην πιο premium παραλία της Αττικής θα τιμηθούν με βαρύτιμα αναμνηστικά μετάλλια / στεφάνια δια χειρός Valaes, εμπνευσμένα από τον αρχαίο κότινο που προσέφεραν στους νικητές των Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων στην αρχαιότητα. ΣΤΙΣ 3 ΠΡΩΤΕΣ ΝΙΚΗΤΡΙΕΣ της γενικής κατάταξης αλλά και ανα ηλικιακή κατηγορία απονέμονται βαρύτιμα

  • Contemporary Istanbul 2018

    Contemporary Istanbul (CI), the leading annual art fair in the region, takes place in the Istanbul Congress Center and Convention and Exhibition Centre. Situated at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, in one of the great cities of the world. CI brings together leading international and Turkish contemporary art galleries, offering

  • Darling Shine!

    Group exhibition under the auspices of Gallery Artzone 42.  11-20 September 2018,  Matogiani Mykonos

  • Sake x Valaes at Kapopoulos Fine Arts | 18.8 | Paros

  • art zone 42

    Dream Big

    Group exhibition under the auspices of Gallery Artzone 42.  Artzone 42, Athens, Greece 12-28 July 2018